Welcome to our new website

Feb 8, 2014

Since 2009 Impact Solutions International has gone through a transformation. Now in 2014 it is time for a new website! Essentially our work remains the same: Leadership Development, Large Scale Values Based Change and Conflict Transformation. What is new is that we have become a Not-Only-For-Profit business. This means the percentage of our volunteer work has increased. What else has changed is where we work; we now work across the globe. Countries that we have worked in or travelled to recently include Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Tanzania, Cuba, India, Spain, Iceland and Cambodia. With this in mind we still love to call Tasmania, Australia our home. We delight in bringing our global knowledge and experience back into local organisations to help them excel in a rapidly changing society.

We continue to search the world to find leading edge knowledge that we can bring to you and your business and make an impact that counts. We grow great ethical leaders, leading teams and values based organizations. We develop leaders who can work in tough situations in a way that unites instead of divides. No matter where we work or what project we are working on we always have one focus; to do the best work we can, and to serve you and your team.

Have a look at our current projects list to gain a greater sense of what we are doing right now.