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2019 Advanced Leadership and Consultant Training Testimonials

I am honored to be involved in the 2019 Advanced Leadership and Consultants Training. The content, processes, material, and facilitation have provided me an enormous growth in my capability in this space. And even more, the learning environment and the selection of an incredibly talented, supportive, and loving learning cohort has enriched the learning experience and created lifelong friendships. Thank you so much. Damien White


This work is seriously life-changing on a multitude of levels. Not only does it dramatically expand the potential of the participant, but the work that participant then goes and creates is infinitely more impactful. My capacity to see, think, feel, and know what is possible not only for myself but the world has completely gone next level. Bring on the beginning of a new adventure, a catalyst that will change this world. Jake Snepvangers


The Advanced Leadership and Consultants Training program has been the most incredible life-affirming and life-changing experience. It is so much more than the title of the program describes. It has taken me on a ‘hero’s’ journey. It has uncovered parts of myself that have been dormant; it has strengthened me, nourished me, and given me the tools to take my skilled into the world. Melissa Staples


The ‘intensive’ Leadership, Facilitation and Consultants training has been so amazingly eye-opening and has provided a beautiful overview and in-depth dive, as well as the consolidation of the last two years of knowledge, training, and programs I have had from ISI. Even if you don’t use the training for your own business, this training provides tools that will forever help you and those around you. I have so much more love for Mary and Chris that I already had after this program. Ash Schuurman


The Advanced Leadership Consultants Training offers high-level peer learning, personal and professional development. The program is curated in a way that exposes everyone to new and more profound ways to work with individuals and organizations. Equipping everyone with a toolkit for facilitation and leadership development, the program gives you space, time, and support to advance your practice – whatever that may be. Rikki Mawad.


The invitation to be a part of this program alone is a gift in-and-of-itself. Mary and Chris deliver this program with grace and great skill. They are providing content and knowledge that can profoundly change the state of our current global culture, and if you have any desire to be a part of that change, this is your program. Mary and Chris take you to depths within yourself that once never seemed possible, or even true. This program is a true transformation of who you are, how you show up, and how you lead. You will be equipped to go out into the word with grace and excellence, and profoundly transform people’s lives, individually, in business and beyond. Thank you, Mary and Chris, for shining the light on a road less traveled, collaborating with us, and sharing your knowledge so we can go out and weave gold and shed light on more roads less traveled, so they become absolute highways of golden threads. Georgia Currant


The Impact Solutions International Advanced Consultant Program is by far the magic I needed to bring my whole professional career together. Not only has it helped me personally beyond measure, but it has provided me with a complete next level career handbook and soul tribe to deliver it with! Katy Cooper