Leadership Development

All leaders need enough intellect to handle the business challenges they face. However intellect alone does not make a leader. Gifted leadership occurs where feeling, thought and spirit meet. These are the three components that allow a leader to be truly amazing, centred in correct principals and able to execute strategy in an empowered and engaging manner.

The most outstanding and inspiring leaders execute a vision by motivating, guiding, listening, inspiring, communicating and creating resonance.

Leadership is also about flexibility. There is no single style of leadership that is appropriate for all the challenges that a leader faces. The most successful leaders are able to adapt their approach to the situation. Such flexibility is tough to put into action, but it pays off in performance and results.

We purpose design leadership development programs for indivduals and organisations.

Our signature program is a highly intensive and personal one-on-one Executive Leadership Development Program. This is the Rolls Royce of Leadership Development and aimed at high potential individuals who want to go the next step. The next step may be into an Executive Role. The next step may be into the role of the Chief Executive Officer, President or Departmental Secretary. The next step may be a role within Public Life or you might just desire to become better and what you do.

Our long term programs run over a 12 month period. Our short term programs may last from 2-5 days. Most of our programs have an integrated coaching program to help lock in the new skills and ensure transference back into the workplace.

Mary personally guarantees the results of this work. This program is multi layered, integrated, highly personalized and unique for each participant. It is not uncommon for people to provide feedback that expresses comments such as “this has changed my life.”