Mary Dwyer


Principal Facilitator, Founding Director

Impact Solutions International was established in the mid-1990s with the explicit intention of facilitating the development and delivery of world-class leadership and organisational development programs. After more than 20 years, Impact Solutions International has gained significant international and national experience working in public, private and not-for-profit organisations across multiple sectors.

In the years since inception, Impact Solutions International has explored and developed five key practices: We are highly skilled in working with Leaders, Executive Teams, and with values based, organisational and cultural change and we are the best in our field of transforming conflict and developing highly effective, emotionally intelligent and conscious leaders.

Mary is the company’s founding director. Her particular focus is developing the intellectual, emotional, and social/spiritual capacity of leaders and their organisations. Mary has specific expertise in working with conflict across many sectors including with leaders from countries emerging out of armed conflict.

Mary’s main area of current development is synthesizing over 24 years of contemporary leadership development and the ancient wisdom of the Masters, through both her work and her writing. Working with Mary has been described as doing an Emotional Intelligent Leadership MBA. Her coachees go from strength to strength in their endeavours.

Mary views her work as a powerful instrument to promote positive, sustainable social development whether with an individual or a country. Her personal commitment to researching wisdom in leadership means she leads from the principles of excellence, integrity, peace, love and compassion. She believes that loving kindness is a potent instrument for the transformation of global leadership and conflict.

Mary has travelled and studied with experts in the fields of education, psychology, conflict resolution, organisational change and leadership. Her study has included attendance at a selective International High Potential Leaders Program at Harvard University, and facilitating at the esteemed Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden in programs associated with the prevention and resolution of conflict. Mary has worked with senior leaders from the Military, World Bank, European Union, OECD and the United Nations to name but a few.

Since 2013 Mary has partnered with the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies in Cambodia working to develop the leadership capacity of key peace leaders in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Philippines in particular. Her specific expertise is one-on-one transformation leadership work; developing the inner capacity of leaders.

Mary has worked with top level politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, CEO’s, boards, executive teams, whole system organizational development teams and carefully selected, high potential, emerging leaders.

Mary’s skill set is as a master facilitator/coach, with extensive knowledge of world class international contemporary leadership theory and practice. She has wide-ranging practical experience in designing, developing and delivering successful leadership, and large scale organisational change programs. Her focus is always on capacity building.

Impact Solutions International’s work, and Mary’s work in particular, have been acknowledged with several prestigious national awards.

With an uncanny ability to work with individuals and organisations at both micro and macro levels, Mary’s work is dynamic, inclusive, inspiring and it has an extraordinary impact.

Her first career was as a nurse with post-graduate qualifications as a midwife. It was this work that gave her the empathic skills and commitment to encourage every human being to celebrate and honour life and to develop themselves to fulfill their potential. Mary remains committed to developing leaders because of their leveraged ability to influence large numbers of people.

Mary’s passions include a deep love and respect for people of all cultures, nature, and her family.

Mary is committed to making a difference. She works in a volunteer capacity for Interplast, Australasia and St Judes, Tanzania. In addition, until recently, Mary was a member of the inaugural International Advisory Committee to the Spirit of Humanity, a worldwide forum with a mandate to bring fundamental human values to all levels of global decision-making.

Memberships and qualifications

  • Full Circle Group, Asia Pacific
  • The Leadership Circle, Accredited Facilitator, Whole System Leadership Development Facilitator, Asia Pacific
  • High Potential Leadership Program – Harvard University, USA
  • Dialogue and Mediation Program – Sweden, Resource Facilitator
  • Role of Economic Actors in Post War Conflict Prevention – Sweden, Resource Faciliator
  • Process Work Leadership, World Work, Deep Dialogue and Conflict Resolution Programs – USA, Australia, Greece
  • Art of Hosting – Collective Leadership, Australia
  • The Flourish Inititaive, Femme EQ, Leading with Grace and Resilience – UK, Australia
  • Master Facilitator, Master Trainer, Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy – USA, Australia
  • International Trainer NLP, Master Practitioner NLP – USA, Australia
  • Accredited Strength Deployment Inventory™ Facilitator
  • Graduate – Anthony Robbins Mastery University, USA
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Member of American Association Time Line Therapists
  • Member – St. James Ethics Centre
  • Former nurse and midwife