Values Development

Values are primarily an unconscious process. They act like a filter. Every decision we make, every e-value-ation, passes through this filter and affects our assessment of a situation. It is how we determine what is right, what is wrong, from our model of the world.

Because values are central to the self concept of an individual, team or organisation, they are also central to how we approach our work and how we go about achieving results. Research has indicated that the personal values held by managers have an important impact on their behaviour and performance, and ultimately impact on the performance of their organisation and the perception of brand and image.

Defining the values of an organisation is powerful in helping empower a work force and engage effective decision making at all levels of an organisation.

Values guide choices, decisions and behaviour. Values provide each team member with the ability to make decisions that support the organisation to achieve the defined vision as well as promoting inter-dependence and accountability. Personal values development and integration increases the integrity and personal effectiveness of the leadership of the team. It is the basis of outstanding leadership.

We have lead large scale value processes in many organisations over the years. Our values work has been recognized nationally and internationally. We are regularly sought after to provide guidance on the wholistic development of a values based organization. This work is engaging, enlivening, passionate, challenging and it makes a big difference to an organization.

We will only do this work with you when they you are seriously committed to your people, your systems and processes and your product.