Gwen Pinnington


Leadership and Executive Coach, Business Improvement, Change Specialist

Gwen is passionate about making a difference and sees changes as opportunities for excellence and growth. An innovative results-oriented leader, facilitator and coach, she is motivated to inspire others for evolutionary change that enables connection, trust, awareness and accountability.

“My personal commitment is to facilitate individual and collective leadership for transformative and peaceful outcomes, through a holistic and values-based approach that places compassionate and authentic human interaction at the heart of everything we do.”

Gwen has a global reputation for highly-effective coaching, leadership and transformational change using a simple equation “People + Process + Compassion = Excellent Outcomes”.  Gwen builds strong relationships and adds value and fun through her work, and loves helping leaders to expand their skills, awareness, confidence and effectiveness. She walks alongside her clients to partner their success and deliver results in organisational design and development, HR advisory, high performing team development, leadership and effectiveness coaching, process improvement and whole-system change.

Her business career began with a global consulting firm and grew into enterprise analysis, frontline manager coaching, change management, business improvement and leadership roles across a variety of industries and clients around the world. She has led cross-functional teams accountable for Human Resources, IT, Business Improvement, Change Management and Communications. She has served on Executive Teams and in not-for-profit Director roles. Gwen has a natural and successful way of building interpersonal connection with respect and compassion, whilst ensuring fantastic results and enjoyment. Below is feedback from some of Gwen’s clients.

“Gwen is a caring, strong, professional coach who is in tune to your personal journey. This is evident in every detail of our coaching sessions. Her ability to nurture and guide me through my personal transformation has been incredible, together with her ability to recommend learnings that have enhanced my growth even further. I cannot recommend Gwen highly enough – she has changed my life for the better!”

— Marketing Leader | Education

 “Our team was falling short of its potential both collectively and individually.  The sessions/workshops that Gwen developed and facilitated enabled the team to raise, identify and discuss the issues and processes that were hindering development, and develop agreed communication and trust and build a picture of the team’s and individuals’ aspirations going forward.  There have been immediate tangible positive results as we progress along the path to our goals.  Without Gwen’s support and insights we would still be looking for that path.”

— CFO and Corporate Secretary | Merchant Bank

“Given our business’ size and scope, our ability to work together as a team is critical to our success in delivering value to our clients and stakeholders. The contribution provided by Gwen in supporting us to imbed the importance of understanding and maintaining agreed values across the organisation as well as the development of how we work together as a team to achieve outcomes has been invaluable. This value has been further enhanced by Gwen’s access and experience with a wide range of organisations and her ability to focus this knowledge on the specific needs of our business.”

— CEO | Financial Services

“My 360 Leadership Circle journey with Gwen was amazing! It allowed me to see my leadership strengths, weaknesses and growth opportunities. Throughout the whole process, Gwen gave me the time and ongoing support to teach me to use different tools and skills to gain great outcomes in my workplace while our organisation undergoes major change. Gwen’s coaching not only challenged the way I think but allowed me to develop my leadership skills in ways I never thought possible. Gwen, your coaching and wisdom has benefits beyond the workplace, you have transformed the way I approach life, I cannot thank you enough!”

— Business Operations Leader | Private Sector

“Working with Gwen at an Executive level was a pleasure and she is a unique and talented leader.  She brings fresh and uplifting energy to meetings and ‘one on one’ discussions.  Gwen’s understanding of different personalities and the introduction of some useful ‘self-awareness’ tools helped improve how my team performs, particularly during times of change.   In an often ‘male dominated’ environment, Gwen’s willingness to get out on construction sites and interact with workers at the ‘coal face’ is testament to her passion at work and effort to understand (and improve) the issues within our workforce.”

— Statewide Construction Manager | Construction

“When I started working with Gwen I had a high level of frustration and felt very stagnant in my job. Gwen supported and challenged me to think differently about my frustrations and setbacks, and to focus on the things that were in my control to address these problems. By the end of my coaching I see a big change in the way I work. I can approach obstacles or potential conflicts while keeping a level thought process. My quality of work has improved, I am accomplishing more, and enjoying work. I feel more positive and in control of my career now. Thank you Gwen, it has been a pleasure working with you.”

— Process Technician | Aquaculture

“Gwen, you are a very special person.  Your coaching gave me the courage to challenge my own beliefs and transform my life and do great things. I can never begin to thank you enough for that.”

— Project Manager | Healthcare

Memberships and qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree – Business, Communication & Psychology, University of Minnesota, USA
  • 1 of 200 leaders invited to the Global Leadership Spirit of Humanity Forum
    (Reykjavík, Iceland)
  • Certified Effectiveness Coach, Emerson Suite
  • The Leadership Circle – Accredited Facilitator/Coach
  • Impact Solutions International – Master Consultants Training Program
  • Accredited Trainer – Executive Leadership Development Program & Personal Transformation Program
  • Immunity-to-Change Training, with Lisa Lahey of Minds at Work
  • Applied Coaching Skills, University of Tasmania
  • Harvard Business School – ‘Management Essentials’ & ‘Stepping Up
    to Management’ Certificates
  • Leading Effective Teams, Certificate Series
  • Masters Forum – Executing Strategy using the Balanced Scorecard (by Dr. David Norton)
  • Business Process Analysis, Innovation and Design Training
  • PMBOK Project Management Training
  • HR, Financials & Supply Chain Certified Consultant
  • Keynote speaker for IIBA Professional Development Days
  • Member – International Institute of Business Analysis
  • Nominated for Deloitte Businesswoman of the Year
  • National Values Award Winner – Deloitte Award
  • First recipient of “Living the Values – Employee Recognition Award”
    (Jefferson Wells International, A Manpower Group)