Current Projects

Shining a Light On Death; Shining a Light on Life 

  • Large scale community dialogue Shining a Light on Death in order to illuminate life and create a sacred space for both. National speakers facilitated by experienced caregivers to provide a safe environment for a community-wide enquiry.


Scaling Leadership – The Leadership Circle 

  • A one-day deep dive into The Leadership Circle. Impact Solutions International has worked with leaders from 44 different nations across 16 different countries in the last 10 years. We are committed to transforming the consciousness of leaders out of the reactive and into the creative competencies of leadership. Contact [email protected] for more information.


Shadow in Leadership – Shining a Light on your Shadow to Illuminate Your Leadership

A two and a half-day retreat for leaders interested in revealing to themselves elements of their leadership that remain in the shadows. These elements often emerge when a leader is under pressure or required to stretch and grow. Our shadowed selves can hold the elements that undo our leadership effectiveness. Unrevealed they help generate internal tension.

This retreat is for leaders who have already completed extensive personal and professional development only. Contact Mary Dwyer personally on [email protected] for more information.


Transformative Peace Leaders Program

  • Men’s Leadership Program
  • Women’s Leadership Program
  • 360 Degree Leadership Assessments – The Leadership Circle
  • Values Based Organisational Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Large Group Conflict Transformation and Rebranding – From Armed Group to Leaders in Civil Society.

Over the coming 6 months we are privileged once again partner with the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, as members of their delivery team, on their Transformative Peace Leaders Program.

This program supports the development of high calibre, ethical leaders – all of whom are working to bring peace to their countries.

Specifically, we work with large groups and one-on-one with Peace Leaders to help them transpose their leadership skills into Civil Society as their countries transition to democracy and out of armed conflict.

Our work is highly specialized bringing deep, inner personal reflection on leadership and the development of specific skills and competencies all based on Impact Solutions International’s IQ+EQ+SQ+SWQ-Ego leadership model.

Executive Leadership Development and Personal Transformational Programs

These two hallmark programs continue to grow in demand.

We now have 8 international consultants who have been trained to deliver this highly specialized program which means we can increase our reach of the results of this work.

We have worked with leaders from Education, Peace Workers, Politicians, Doctors, Merchant Bankers, Senior Bureaucrats, Mining and Utility Sector Executives, Arts, Lawyers to name but a few and … this program has produced amazing results each and every time.

This program is a highly developed one-on-one development program. The complete program usually takes between 3-6 months to complete. Results are guaranteed. Please see our website for more details.

Large Scale Organisational Change – Transport Sector

  • One on one leadership coaching
  • Executive Leadership Development Programs for members of the Executive Team
  • High Performance Executive Team Development
  • Presentations to the Board
  • Strategy development with the Human Resources
  • Peer to Peer Coaching and
  • Executive, Senior and Middle Management Leader as Coach training.

Over the past 1 ½ years we have partnered with a large scale Transportation Company to deliver a Culture Change and Leadership program. This body of work was in response to a less than favourable cultural engagement assessment. This work has included

Leadership Development – Department of Health

  • 360-degree assessments based on The Leadership Circle
  • One on one leadership coaching
  • Executive Leadership Development Residential Programs for Senior Health Leaders
  • High Performance Executive Team Development.

 In 2016, in partnership with Health Services Innovation Tasmania, Impact Solutions International lead a series of residential programs focusing on the Emotional Intelligent development of a large cohort of interdisciplinary Senior Health Leaders. This work included

This year our work and support for senior leaders within this sector continues. This work includes

  • 360-degree assessments based on The Leadership Circle
  • One on one leadership coaching
  • High Performance Executive Team Development and progression to our
  • Hallmark one on one Executive Leadership Development Program

 Leadership Development Program for High Potential Graduates from Hydro Tasmania

  • Emotional Intelligence for Emerging Leaders using the Strength Deployment Inventory
  • Communication Styles for Emerging Leaders
  • Working with Diversity
  • Career Development and Career Path Development
  • Mentor Program training both Mentors and Mentees

Since 2008 Impact Solutions International, working in partnership with Hydro Tasmania, has delivered the Emotional Intelligent Leadership Program for Graduates. This is a multi-faceted program that supports the 3 year Hydro Tasmania Graduate Program. Impact Solutions International’s role is the innovative delivery of workshop style modules including

This work continues to evolve each year to reflect the latest developments in contemporary Leadership Development.

Emerging Leaders Program

 Each year Impact Solutions International continues to hand select outstanding Emerging Leaders for attendance at an invitation only leadership retreat. The aim of this program is to provide attendees with a solid foundation in Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and holistic personal and professional development. This program has generated and supported several young leaders to expand and develop their career aspirations globally.

Merchant Banking

  • Executive Team Development,
  • Values Based Cultural Development
  • Board Development
  • One-on-one Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Our Hallmark Executive Leadership Development Program
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Team Development

Impact Solutions International has had a long standing relationship with a Merchant Bank. Over the years this work has included

We are proud to continue our long standing relationship with this organisation as it transitions through different Chair people and different CEO’s.

Our Volunteer Roles

 Mary Dwyer, the company’s founding Director, remains committed to supporting numerous people around the world as an active Mentor. She is a member of Rotary International’s Tasmania District Interplast team. Mary is also an active supporter of the Spirit of Humanity Forum in Iceland. This forum is designed to bring fundamental human values into global decision making.

Other Directors are active in Natural Resource Management and are instrumental in bringing the 2018 Coast to Coast Conference to Tasmania.

Transformational Peace Leadership Development Program

Once again Impact Solutions International is working with the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies in Cambodia to deliver a powerful leadership development program for Women Peace Leaders from across Asia. Our work will see us criss cross Asia to support the specific development of Women who are already leaders in work that promotes Peace. This work includes working with CEO’s of not-for profit organisations, community leaders, politicians, educators and civil servants.  Tbis is a unique and an highly innovative program. I believe it has the ability to lead leadership development in this sector. We look forward to supporting this initiative once again and working with each and every inspiring participant.

Health Services Innovation Tasmania

We welcome our newest partner, Health Services Innovation Tasmania – HSITas. Over the course of the next 9 months HSITas is taking 40 participants through a highly intensive 9-month leadership and High Performing Team and Culture development program. We are proud to be supporting this group of highly skilled Health professionals and look forward to the journey!

This program incorporates a 360 degree feedback program, coaching, shadowing, mentoring and buddying and a series of carefully constructed Masterclasses with articulation into a post graduate qualification.

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Cambodia

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies in Siem Riep, Cambodia is a new client; a new partner. We support their organisation as they do profound work at every level of society to promote peace in Myanmar, North East India and Mindanao.

Our work with this team includes Values Based Organisational Development, Leadership Development and teaching leadership as a part of their international Applied Conflict Transformation Studies Masters Program.

Applied Conflict Transformation Studies MA

Applied Conflict Transformation Studies (ACTS) is an innovative Masters course in Conflict Transformation. ACTS is offered as a two year part-time course in Siem Reap, Cambodia and is accredited by Pannasastra University Cambodia. The programme has been successfully running since 2004, attracting a diverse range of students from all over the Asia-Pacific region.

This course includes practical study, advanced conflict intervention skills, theory building, analysis and strategy development, plus specialised action research into areas of peacebuilding and conflict transformation which relate to the work of participants and their organisations.

Please look at their website to know more; or click here to watch a recent video by the Centre’s Director, Emma Leslie.

Reference 2014 Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies – Organisational Development, Team Development, Leadership Development.

Spirit of Humanity Forum, Iceland

As a part of our international community contribution we are actively involved as Advisors to the International Board for the Spirit of Humanity Forum. In addition Mary has recently accepted the role as C0-ordinator of the International Facilitation Team.

The Forum is a new global network of organisations, communities and individuals committed to catalyse effective systemic change in governance by promoting love and compassion in decision making.

The Forum creates a safe space for deeper encounter, exploration and dialogue among leaders to discover new ways to move forward, based on core human values.

The second Forum, ”The Power of Love and Compassion in Governance – Sharing Actions for Effective Change”, will take place in Reykjavik on April 10-12, 2014. The focus of the second Forum will be to explore the potential of love and compassion in bringing about effective change through governance and leadership. The aim is to begin to reconceptualise systemic change, especially in fields such as education, health, culture, science, business, politics and peace-building. The positive energy of love and compassion is one of the deepest and most enduring aspects of human nature. Taking this potential to be key for a sustainable economy, a loving society and a healthy environment, Reykjavik 2014 makes an explicit call for love and compassion in action.

Aims and Objectives

In general, the Forum explores the process of change within the individual and social institutions that enables transformation in a community and the world at large, with a focus on the empowerment and sustenance of core human values and their practical implementations in personal, communal and work life.

Reykjavik 2014 is specifically set to:

– Raise awareness and deepen our understanding of the transformative power of love and compassion in practice and action in fields such as education, health, governance, business and peace-building,
– Express and share formative ideas about effecting changes in social and institutional structures to nurture, support and integrate core human values,
– Create space for dialogue and contemplation in order to create a shared vision for effective change,
– Inspire and be inspired (through listening and dialogue) and to enact a new shared narrative of love and hope for the future and
– Follow-up by establishing a learning network (Community of Practice) to continue sharing and supporting value-based approaches to governance.

Please look at the Spirit of Humanity website to know more;

Folke Bernadotte Academy, Sweden

Impact Solutions International remains affiliated with the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden. The Folke Bernadotte Academy´s education and training activities are to prepare people for work in conflict prevention and international peace operations, as well as to provide advanced training aimed at strengthening the capacity of staff already on mission in dealing with complex crisis management. Clients include the United Nations, Multi Country Peace Keeping Forces personnel, Members of the Government and Non Government Organizations, Civil Society, Military and personnel from all levels of society.

Within the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden Mary is the Process Facilitator for the program “The Role of Economic Actors in Peace Building.” In addition she has recently joined the Dialogue and Mediation Training Program as a Resource Person.

In Sweden but outside of her formal work with the Academy Mary has been engaged as a Leadership Coach and has worked with several key individuals engaged with her acclaimed higly personalized Executive Leadership Development Program.

Leadership, Organisational and Team Development, Australia

In addition to Impact Solutions International work we continue to foster our long term relationship with National and local clients. Recent work has included helping good Managers excel through our Rolls Royce Program; our Executive Leadership Development Program. We have also focused on working as an Executive coach, providing personal and strategic support and development for several CEO’s, and providing some Emotional Intelligence Leadership Development Training. Finally, our spare time has included working on some High Performance Team Development Programs.