About Us

Impact Solutions International Pty Ltd (Impact Solutions International) is a multi-award winning, international boutique consultancy business. We have a long history of developing leadership globally, nationally and locally. Over the past 10 years, we have worked in 16 different countries with people from more than 44 different nations.

This means that your organisation benefits from us, as a delivery team, being informed by extensive global experience in developing leadership that is informed by big picture global trends in leadership and business.

Impact Solutions International’s particular areas of speciality include:

  1. Large scale values-based organizational change programs
  2. Large scale values-based leadership programs
  3. High-Performance Team Development
  4. Intensive and exclusive one-on-one Executive Leadership Coaching and Development and
  5. Conflict Transformational Programs and training that include large scale Deep Dialogue and Community Consultation processes.

Our work is based on excellence. All of our work is supported by the following leadership equation.


(Intellectual development plus emotional development plus social /spiritual development plus systems wide intelligence minus ego results in outstanding results through wise and considered leadership.)

We are a not-only-for profit organisation.

We say yes to projects that inspire us. We say yes to projects that we believe can make a difference in how we live, work and play. We believe we are an integral part of a wholistic global community.

We are pragmatic idealists who explore the world looking for solutions to complex situations. We are professional business people with hearts and a real desire to step into the world as skilled, effective and focused facilitators. We like profit but not for the sake of it. We like to create profit for you because when you are profitable you grow, prosper and thrive and so does your personal and professional community. We like profit for ourselves because this means we can “do more” and “give more.”

We are leaders in our field of expertise. We live our talk. We are fallible. We know that the old ways of doing business are dying and we know a new way is challenging, exhilarating, fulfilling, hard work and fun.

We also know that saying yes to a different way of living and working means that you will be happier whilst you live. You will also be much more likely to die fulfilled, satisfied, in peace and complete. We commit to a life of no regrets and we help you and your business step into this new space. We believe that it is not just getting the job done but how you do the job. This also means working smart, using systems and processes that are cutting edge and eliminating all that is unnecessary.

Impact Solutions International is lead by Mary Dwyer. Mary is the founding director of the company. Since inception, in 1995, Impact Solutions International has gone through several transformations. Mary now teams with highly skilled and dedicated colleagues from around the world to deliver programs that achieve extraordinary results.

Mary is widely networked nationally and internationally with leaders in all aspects of leadership, organisational, personal and professional development and change.

Organisations come to us with difficult and challenging situations. Organisations come to us when they want to truly transform their culture using a transparent and inclusive values approach. Organisations come to us when they want to grow their leadership capability.

We are pioneers in leadership development. Every year we search the world looking for the distinctions that make the difference. We are masters in our area of expertise. We are highly sought after and we are exclusive.

With our large scale change processes our preferred way of working is to build strong and capable internal teams to help deliver extraordinary outcomes.

We are a “do with” instead of a “do to” consultancy. We are capacity builders which means that when we finish the project the knowledge and capacity stays in your organization. Engagement and “buy-in” is embedded in our processes. These factors become a given instead of a post-program add on.

We inspire individuals and companies to challenge their current reality in ways that shape your long-term business success.

Our accountability is demonstrated by our multi-award winning status including but not limited to 2005 Award as Tasmanian State Winner for the Telstra Business Awards, 2006 Award for Leadership Excellence through the Australian Human Resources Institute, 2004 Business Woman of the Year, Finalist. In 2018 Mary won a publisher’s prize for her teaching memoir, The Final Act of Grace.

All of our work, across each discipline, is based on the IQ+EQ+SQ+SWQ-Ego© equation.

Operating both nationally and internationally, Impact Solutions International works with individual executives and senior management, corporate clients, government bodies, businesses, NGO’s and community groups.