Katy Cooper

Katy-3730-2-2Senior Facilitator, Collaborator, Catalyst, Mapmaker, Wildheart


Katy’s purpose is to develop Futures Leaders ready to lead in a world with continuous disruptive change and ambiguity.

Katy helps organisations build strategic plans for a future they can’t see yet. She develops leaders who can lead through ambiguity and change. She helps organisations understand the future of work and what leading the future looks like. She is an energetic, highly skilled collaborator, speaker and facilitator who is also a proud Tasmanian. With 20 years’ experience in retail, customer experience and strategic management, human resources, financial services, tourism and hospitality and technology industries. She is obsessively curious about ideas and the potential that collaboration has for exponential growth in businesses. She has a superpower that allows her to create connections and expand ideas beyond what you ever imagined possible.

As well as working closely with Impact Solutions International on major change projects and growing the capability of human-centred leaders across the globe Katy is also the Founding Director or DisruptiveCo Pty Ltd, a consultancy focused on Strategy, Customer and Collaboration. DisruptiveCo helps businesses new and established to realise their strategy by knowing their market, their customer and brokering relationships to collaborate with others to reach their goals.

Her volunteer commitments include

– TasICT Board Committee Member

– Chair, TasICT Workforce Development Sub-Committee

– Chapter Lead – Singularity University Australia, Hobart

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