Kate Cashman

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Stakeholder Consultation Specialist BA/LLB(Hons) | GDLP | MCDR |

Dr Kate Cashman is a multi-passionate, big vision thinker whose greatest strength lies in her ability to connect with people from all walks of life and all levels of an organisation. With extremely well developed and high end communication skills, Kate will bring your people together, gather

Kate Cashman headshot 2019information on culture within teams and organisations and allow your people to feel seen, stretched in ways that develop them as leaders and valued as human beings making a greater contribution to the world. As a consultant both independently and with Impact Solutions International, Kate works with leaders to improve communication and performance in teams and organisational structures, as well as working with leader’s one-on-one in both life and business leadership and development. As a leader Kate has built expertise in a values-led process of transformation – both in businesses and more holistically one-on-one – transforming leaders from the inside out.

She is an internationally certified and recognised coach working with professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders to step into leadership in order to use their potential to create change in the world. She won a ‘Best Emerging Coach’ award in 2017 and a National Brilliance Award in the same year for her emerging coaching and consultancy business. She has a special interest in the role that rest, renewal and energy management mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually have on an individual’s own personal power and their ability to contribute to the world through their work, their families and their lives outside of work. She is present, open and deeply encouraging but will also help build a container of accountability for leaders to take control of their lives and work, embracing vulnerability and their own innate strengths. Kate regularly hosts workshops in these areas and provides keynotes, facilitation and Mistress of Ceremonies roles as an experienced speaker and host. Kate has been described as ‘engaging’, ‘warm’, ‘relatable’ and ‘inspiring’ and able to put an audience or group of people at ease, opening them up to new possibilities in the face of resistance or negativity.

Kate is an ENFJ personality type on the Myers-Briggs measure. ENFJ’s are known for being warm, supportive, encouraging and extraordinarily good with people; driven by helping others. She leads from her own core values of connection, courage and compassion and believes that if we deeply know ourselves and live a life based on uncovering and living in line with our own values, then we live with purpose, have greater impact and create positive change in our own lives, the lives of those around us and the world.

Kate has high-level expertise in running corporate conferences and heart centred workshops, including a ‘Best Program or Event of 2019’ award for her event Work+Life X event in Melbourne, Australia. This event brings together a diverse group of entrepreneurs, managers, leaders and individuals to explore and workshop themes including flow, culture, leadership, spirituality, mindset, family integration, boundaries and personal and professional wellbeing. You can see more on this event at www.worklifex.com.

Kate has been part-time lecturer in the Faculty of Law and Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies at the University of Tasmania since 2008, with a PhD in forensic criminology and evidence law. She teaches evidence law, law for police officers, forensic studies and investigative interviewing techniques to university students and police recruits and officers. She has research interests in the use of forensic evidence in criminal justice, investigating interviewing by police, police education and the wellbeing and culture of officers and police organisations. She forges close relationships with corporate partners and is a highly skilled communicator, making sure that people around her feel valued, heard and understood. Working with front line and emergency management staff sees her contributing to her community in a way that aligns with her own value of compassion and community and supports her volunteer work as a member of local community committees and Boards.

As well as a PhD in law and business degree in human resource management, Kate has qualifications in life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, meditation teacher training and soon to complete her 200hr vinyasa yoga teacher training, primarily to deepen her own yoga practice.

Kate lives in the Tasmanian bush in a small slice of heaven in the Coal River Valley wine region, with an expanding permaculture garden and sustainable property where there are always projects that involve being connected to the earth and the elements. She lives here with her husband Ben, daughter Poppy and son Spencer and shares their home property with guests from around the world in a small accommodation business, Coal Valley Studio. She is also a co-owner of a well-established yoga studio in Hobart, Mana Movement and the founder of Tinkle Co, a sustainability startup that replaces plastic in people’s homes, starting with bamboo toothbrushes on subscription. This is a family business, intentionally created in line with family values of sustainability, connection and community. $1 from every brush goes to environmental community projects from around Australia. She loves being outdoors, scuba diving and being in her garden – with her hands in the earth.

Kate’s passion for improving culture and wellbeing, her skill in communicating and connecting with others and her qualitative research skills extends to all organisations and individuals and the combination of her varied skills, experience and training means that she can perform a variety of roles within your organisation.


PhD Law

Bachelor Business and Human Resource Management

Life Coach

Impact Solutions International Accredited Coach, Facilitator and Consultant

Neuro Lingusitic Programing Practitioner

Mediation and Vinyasa Yoga teacher


2017 Best Emerging Coach

2017 and a National Brilliance Award