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100 WOMEN²

100 Women 2 is a new Community of Women.

The Aim.

100 Women walking 100kms.

Each woman commits to raising $1000 for issues that directly affect women.

Collectively that is over $100,000 we will raise, as a community, for women’s issues.

And then repeat hence 100 Women 2.

‘When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.’

Melinda Gates


‘Lift up a woman and you lift up humanity.’  –  Melinda Gates
  • We want to build community and help women’s voices be heard.
  • We want to support the rise of women in communities and increase connection. All good society is built around social cohesion.
  • We want to support and highlight issues that relate to women.
  • We want to create, not divide, the communities that we live in.
  • We want to support, not reduce, funding to issues that affect women. We want to put money back into organizations that support women: organisations that are struggling to survive because of funding cuts.
  • We want to raise the profile and voice of those that need our help.
  • We want to walk to improve our fitness and have fun along the way.
  • We want to make a difference and directly contribute to causes that we are passionate about.
  • We want to support and showcase women leaders including everyday women leaders who are the backbone of their families and communities.

‘When we invest in women, we invest in a powerful source of global development.’

Melinda Gates

Can men help?

Yes, of course! Join us. Great men support women.

‘In order for us to advance as a safe more equitable society women also need the support of really good men.’

Mary C Dwyer

If you are in a position to support a women do so.

  • Support a women to walk
  • Donate to one of our campaigns
  • Become a Corporate Sponsor or
  • Help champion a corporate team.

Everyone, wins when our communities are healthy.

Our Story.

This has been a 10-year dream in the making.

My initial questioning centered around what to do next in my life? Motivational drivers included a love of walking, and a love for humanity, and also my deep despair at statistics that affect women in particular.

Other key questions were:

1. How do I mitigate the effects of increasingly divisive politics?

2. How can I leverage 30 years of business experience and my desire to do more?

3. How can I be an advocate for a stronger, vibrant and healthier society?

4. How can I be an advocate for peace?

My Answer.

Walk and bring people together to raise funds for issues that they care about and… here we are!

We have launched and it has a life of its own already.

◊   Find us at 100 Women 2 FB and 100 Women 2 IG.

◊   Follow us on Go Fund Me: 100 Women 2: Women helping Women.

◊   Share it far and wide.

◊   Want to walk? Download the briefing paper on this site and if you are a yes DM us with your email. We will send you the next steps!

Briefing Paper 100 Women 2

And we welcome you. What would you like to walk for?

♦   100 Women 2. Walking for Hobart Women’s Shelter

♦   100 Women 2. Walking for Lismore Northern Rivers Women and Childrens Services.