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When Adrian Beardsley is diagnosed with cancer at age forty-nine, no one can imagine how quickly death will come, nor the challenges it will present. This moving memoir of life’s most mysterious experience brings us into the light of an eternal grace.

A profound and inspirational story about one man’s death, at the age of 50, that left everyone present in a state of awe and watching as a soul become enlightened. At first, Mary wrote this book for herself, for her husband, and for her children. She also wrote to process her grief, for healing and for solace. But she continued writing for you. For the you who also questions what this thing called death is. As she was writing Mary came to deeply understand that she did not want to wait any longer. In living this life, Mary now seeks to actively burn her own wood, cry her own tears and continues to unfetter her heart in order to love and live in such a way that when it is her time to die, she might be carried out with a full wind underneath every unfurled sail of her being, which was just the way her husband died. A companion for the dying, for those losing a loved one, and for all of us wishing to arrive at our own deaths well prepared.

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