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Impact Solutions International has run a diverse range of programs for a wide range of clients and industries. The following slides showcase some of our previous programs.

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Tourism Tasmania: Unordinary Leaders' Program.

In 2020 we were the successful tenderers for 3 out of 4 modules for Tourism Tasmania’s 'Unordinary Leaders' Program’. This program is innovative, multi-modular including a module ‘Leading from the Future’. The program is designed to leverage the leadership effectiveness of a significant number of the organisation’s most valuable asset; their people. The work is cutting edge, challenging and dynamic. The program became even more pertinent due to the dramatic effect of COVID-19 on the Tourism sector.
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Hydro Tasmania: High Potential Graduate Program.

We have worked across all levels of this state-owned utility for more than 18 years. Since that time we have lead large scale value-based cultural development programs, trained over a decade of High Potential Graduates, supported the transition and development of several CEO's and their teams, worked in the field to help build dynamic cohesive workforces, resolved individual and team conflicts and coached many employees as they have worked their way up the corporate ladder.
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Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies: Peace Leadership.

In 2014, whilst working as a resource facilitator for a global Dialogue and Mediation Training at the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Sweden, Mary Dwyer met Emma Leslie. Emma is a highly respected global peace worker based in Cambodia. That chance meeting resulted in many years of collaboration with Emma's organisation, the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.

The overarching framework for The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies’ approach is anchored on the principles of demand-driven interventions that address the requirements of the stakeholders and the underlying causes of conflict: engaging conflict, engaging conflict actors, influencing policy and practice, strengthen dialogue and transforming leadership.

This work focused on developing highly skilled Peace leaders from across Asia. Peace workers come from all walks of life including the highest level of office. The work was varied including conducting a 'rebranding facilitated process' for a Myanmar armed group interested in transitioning their leadership skills into secular society after more than 20 years of civil war.

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Spirit of Humanity Forum: Global Facilitation.

In 2015 Mary was a key facilitator and head of the global facilitation team for the Spirit of Humanity Forum held in Reykjavik, Iceland. This bi-annual forum is a global network of organisations, communities and individuals committed to help bring about change in governance and decision-making, based on core human values. The Forum creates a safe space for deeper encounter, exploration and dialogue among leaders and change-makers to discover new ways to move forwards.
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TasRail: Managers as Coach.

Impact Solutions International undertook a number of significant projects on behalf of the Board of TasRail. For several years members of our senior team worked closely with the Executive Team at Tasrail - a state-owned railway business. This work helped share all concepts regarding contemporary leadership development. The work involved one on one Executive coaching, team building, whole system change and a ‘Managers as Coach’ Program for middle-level managers as a strategic initiative for cultural reform.
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Australian Antarctic Division: Values Based Cultural and Leadership Development.

The AAD seeks to advance Australia's Antarctic interests in pursuit of its vision of having ``Antarctica valued, protected and understood.`` It does this by conducting Antarctic research and other activities aimed at achieving the Government's Antarctic goals and by administering and maintaining a presence in Australian Antarctic and sub-Antarctic territories.

Impact Solutions facilitated an extensive Value-based Cultural Change program with the Australian Antarctic Division involving several Executive Leadership Development programs and extensive coaching for senior members of staff over an 18-month period. In addition, Impact Solutions conducted high performance team development programs, communications programs and provided strategic advice through facilitated processes.

The results were nothing short of outstanding with widely reported positive feedback from all areas and levels of the organisation including from the Director and Assistant Directors of this prestigious organisation.

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