Impact Solutions International

Conflict Transformation

Twenty six years ago Mary began studying techniques to help people be with, express and move beyond conflict and pain. Much of this work has been done with individuals and communities that are “stuck”. The focus is to get unstuck in a healthy and holistic way. Looking backwards only happens when it is necessary as a step to turn forwards.

Something happens with an individual and with groups when you can be truly present, hold their stories, hold their pain, and hold the possibility and hope for change.

This work requires intensive planning and deep dialogue. A process of deep listening creates understanding. Our Indigenous people call is Darderi.

Letting go allows the new to emerge. This work is “big work”. Sometimes big work is needed.

The basis of this work is Dialogue and Mediation. Whether your conflict is between team members, external parties or large scale conflict, we have a highly experienced facilitation team that ensures confidentiality as we work to transform the conflict to create new possibilities whilst mitigating risk.

We believe that conflict management is an essential skill for our leaders of the future.