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Communication and Engagement

All CEOs or Board Directors want their organisations to be in the upper quartile.  And they know that ‘good’ just isn’t good enough to get there – let alone stay there.  When Jim Collins wrote ‘Good to Great’ he caught the mood of leaders and managers around the world who’d already sensed there was more to corporate success than great technology, a charismatic CEO or dominant market share.

How many times have we heard a CEO or Departmental Secretary announce their intention to turn their organisation from being good into excellent? And how often do the people working for those organisations feel the words are supported by consistent action? It’s easy to add the line to the annual report, the website home page or the company presentation.  It’s just a bit harder to turn it into practice.

Do your people know clearly where your organisation’s heading and how they can contribute?  Do they care enough to translate the fine words from the business plan into tangible, everyday actions?  Have they got the confidence to explain what this means to their colleagues and team members, inspire them to take positive action and challenge inappropriate behaviour?