Impact Solutions International

Values Development

Empowered cultures create success. Collaboration over control is key. Agility over the way we have always done it is a must. And core values drive success.

Why are core values a pivot point for cultural development?

“Kotter and Heskett showed that values-based organsiations, over an 11-year period outperformed other organisations.  Their growth was four times faster, job creation seven times higher, and stock prices grew 12 times faster; profitability was on average 750 times higher than non values based organisations.” – Henderson, M. & Thompson, D. (2003), Values at Work

Changing cultures take time. But it can be done.

And working deeply with your organisational and personal values provides leverage to achieve that change.

Every decision we make, every e-value-ation, determines what is right, what is wrong, what to do and what to not do. Imagine having your organisation’s core values articulated, defined and actioned.

Uncovering an organisation’s core values is powerful in empowering a work force to make effective decisions.

Values guide choices, decisions and behaviour. Values provide each team member with the ability to make decisions that support the organisation to achieve the defined vision as well as promoting inter-dependence and accountability. Personal values integration increases the integrity and personal effectiveness of your team. It is the basis of outstanding leadership.

We have led large scale value processes in many organisations over the years. Our values work has been recognised nationally and internationally. We are regularly sought after to provide guidance on the wholistic development of a values-based organisation. This work is engaging, enlivening, passionate, challenging and it makes a big difference to an organisation.

We will do this work with you when they you are seriously committed to your people, your systems and your product. We will do this work with you when you want or need to change.