Impact Solutions International

Amy Currant

We are all leaders. Leadership is how we lead ourselves, influence others and shape the culture of our organisations. In a constantly dynamic context of ambiguity and uncertainty, my curiosity lies in the drivers of human behavior, the interconnectivity of whole systems and affecting powerful change.

My work has a strong focus on the evolution and development of human consciousness through the lense of intelligent mindfulness and self awareness. I guide clients with intuitiveness and knowledge to create practical, sustainable and actionable solutions.

As an international executive consultant, I possess over 25 years experience in leadership development, project & business management, organizational change, coaching and facilitation. With a foundational background in business, I have performed in a wide variety of roles including building and leading high performing teams and achieving outstanding commercial outcomes. My achievements are extensive including a Telstra Tasmanian Business Women’s Award and an Australian Tourism Award.


What are you really passionate about?

Guiding and witnessing the shift and emergence of leaders to embody the full potential and expression of themselves. Alignment of shared values bringing forth the qualities of care, kindness and generosity into organisations, so that communities can continue to engage and thrive in service to the whole…….and food.

How has Impact Solutions International helped your development?

The robust, deeply researched and practical training programs with Impact Solutions International, has provided me with the skills, capabilities and tools to grow and develop as a highly effective consultant. The professional opportunities provided by ISI have enabled me to work globally and given me access to working with unique leaders and cultures. It is a privilege to be part of the team contributing to the important and transformative work of ISI, in support of the development of human consciousness in leadership.

What work do you most like to do?

I am a strategic thinker and love helping leaders to identify what will make the biggest difference right now and into a future of increasingly complex change. Project management, design and facilitation of innovative change programs is a particular area of interest and expertise, as well as mentoring and supporting emerging leaders to harness their vision and energy. I also honour the deeply personal coaching and immersive transformational work with individuals.