Impact Solutions International

Conor Canning

As a highly accomplished entrepreneur and seasoned mentor, I bring a remarkable blend of leadership, insight, and real-world experience to my role as a Leadership Coach and Facilitator. My journey is a testament to the power of transformation and the belief that the outer world of circumstance shapes itself to the inner world of our thoughts.

As a leading agent in Tasmania, I made my mark in the real estate sector, establishing and owning four successful offices, all while contributing significantly to the real estate community. My astute business acumen and exceptional customer service led me to receive the prestigious Large Office of the Year award from the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania for two consecutive years, establishing me as a leader in his field.

I sold my real estate businesses in 2020 and decided to harness my entrepreneurial success to give back to the community and transitioned into a role deeply rooted in mentorship and personal growth. Today, I serve as a Facilitator for at-risk young people through the JCP Youth program, empowering them to see past their circumstances and explore their potential.

A firm believer in the transformative power of physical activity and personal development, I also own and operate Tasmania’s largest sports equipment, sporting goods, and apparel store. Through this venture, I continue to inspire individuals of all ages to embrace fitness and well-being as integral components of their lives.

My coaching style is unique, utilizing a comprehensive blend of physical training, meditation, breathwork, and lifelong learning. I approach leadership coaching with a dedication to guiding individuals to better understand themselves, unlock their latent potential, and navigate their path to success with confidence. This holistic approach allows me to cultivate resilient, adaptable leaders ready to face the ever-evolving challenges of the modern world.

My journey stands as an inspiring example of growth, transformation, and commitment to serving others. My profound understanding of the power of perseverance and personal development positions me as not just a Leadership Coach, but a life coach who fosters enduring success and fulfillment.


What are you really passionate about?

I’m deeply passionate about empowering individuals to unlock their true potential. This has led me on a journey that has taken me from real estate to leadership coaching, mentoring at-risk youth, and promoting physical wellness. I believe that everyone has latent potential that can be harnessed through personal development strategies such as coaching, physical training, meditation, and breathwork. Through my work with JCP Youth and my sports equipment business, I aim to create opportunities for individuals to grow, explore, and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life. I also deeply value lifelong learning, which I see as a cornerstone of personal growth and success.

How has Impact Solutions International helped your development?

The programs at Impact Solutions International have reinforced my belief in lifelong learning, pushing me to evolve and improve consistently. Their approach has helped me broaden my perspective and deepen my understanding of human potential, significantly enhancing the value I bring to my roles in leadership coaching, mentoring at-risk youth, and promoting physical wellness.

What work do you most like to do?

The work I find most fulfilling involves presenting empowering content. Content that provides the foundation for people to create transformation in their lives. Whether it’s working with at-risk youth through the JCP Youth program, coaching leaders in a business context, or encouraging physical wellness through my ventures in the fitness industry, I find immense satisfaction in being able to guide individuals on their journey of self-discovery and growth. I thrive on the challenge of helping people unlock their potential and navigate their way to success, and it’s this transformative process that makes my work so rewarding.