Impact Solutions International

Jane Addison

I am a lifelong learner, creative and people person.

With extensive practical experience leading and achieving results through people and culture, my energy is generated from teams and organisations growing and thriving. Leadership, based on self-awareness, courage and trust, is the essential ingredient to helping individuals, teams, projects and organisations realise their vision.

Guided by my values of courage and abundance, my practice builds on my experience and knowledge in leadership, change, project and people management. I don’t work to a formula. I partner with people to tailor strategies that are aligned with the vision, purpose and priorities of their organization and their people. My skill and strength come not from having the answers, but by asking the right questions. I am a trusted advisor with extensive experience who can help navigate complex challenges with practical strategies and programs.

Utilising a suite of tools including the Leadership Circle 360 Leadership Assessment, my coaching practice comes from a genuine desire to help people develop self awareness, understand and use their strengths and find the confidence to break the habits that hold them back and move towards empowering and sustainable leadership.


What are you really passionate about?

I am passionate about helping people to be courageous – willing to try new things to reach their full potential. I love creating, learning, laughter, adventures and connection. I love being in nature, and I love this place, Tasmania.

How has Impact Solutions International helped your development?

Having first partnered with the team in 1999, ISI has helped me to connect deeply with who I am, what I want and how to get there. They have helped me to be a leader with my own authentic voice and my own unique way, so that I am able to support others to do the same.

What work do you most like to do?

I have worked with many organisations, big and small, to connect and align people with purpose, values and strategy. I am highly experienced in facilitating, communicating, change management, coaching and planning. The work that brings me most joy is with individuals. I love to build a genuine connection with people, to ask the frank questions that enable them to reflect and find their path, and to be there to support them as they take the steps to unlock the leader within.