Impact Solutions International

Laura Tilley

Led by my creativity, intuition, and deep sense of hope for the world, I am passionate about working with people to develop their relationship with themselves and discover their own unique way of living a life based in love.

My work is guided by my training as a meditation teacher first and foremost, and my approach is multi-faceted and informed by my studies in meditation, modern neuroscience, leadership development, and tools to expand consciousness.

With a background in the world of marketing, advertising, and social media, Laura knows what it’s like to feel under pressure, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, and have those feelings merge into home life.

Over the past decade, I have trained intensively with teachers from around the world, dedicating myself to deepening my knowledge about the intersection of consciousness and leadership. My desire is to share this wisdom in a way that makes it relevant for living in today’s world.


What are you really passionate about?

I am deeply passionate about community building and love bringing people together to create shared experiences through group and corporate workshops.

How has Impact Solutions International helped your development?

Working with Impact Solutions International has provided me with the tools, frameworks, and language to become a courageous facilitator and coach. The training they provide is incredible and has added such depth and balance to my offerings.

What work do you most like to do?

My area of interest is working with whole organizations to increase their capacity for consciousness, as well as emerging leaders and teenagers who will be shaping our future.