Impact Solutions International

Melissa Staples

I believe in the power of community. It is my passion and at the heart of all my work and how I live my own life. For me, community can be created in a multitude of ways. From local neighbourhoods to global social networks, from small local businesses to the staffing of multi-national corporations.

An empowered, passionate and engaged community working together towards a common goal is truly formidable. As a leader and innovative thinker in Community Development, I will create the spaces needed for you and your community or organisation to think, feel, and see things differently. I bring a strengths-based approach to developing your community combining creativity, humour, courage, compassion, kindness, authenticity, inclusiveness, and mindful awareness.

I bring over 30 years of experience in social change, community awareness raising, community consultation, engagement and strategic planning. I have worked in various community development roles within the State and Local government sectors, community (not for profit) sector as well as in private consultancy.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) from the University of Queensland, I have also gained qualifications and experience in Project Management, Event Management, Consultancy, Leadership and Coaching.


What are you really passionate about?

I am passionate about the creation of strong, thriving, connected communities to care for and heal the earth and her inhabitants. As a change maker, I am passionate about conscious leadership and how we can each, individually, take more responsibility for our impact on our planet and our local communities.

How has Impact Solutions International helped your development?

Impact Solutions International are thought leaders, innovators, influencers, creatives and change makers. My work with them has inspired me to become more conscious of my own beliefs and the assumptions that have stood in the way of my own personal development. Having the opportunity to safely take a deep dive into my own ‘shadows’ has opened me up to a place of greater self-awareness, authenticity and self-love and self-compassion.

What work do you most like to do?

I love to work with communities to create spaces where individuals are encouraged to thrive. A space where all voices are heard, valued and respected. I am passionate about being the change I want to see in the world and to influence the thoughts and feelings of others through my own acts of courage, empathy, connection, love, peace, and environmentalism.