Impact Solutions International

Rikki Mawad

Leadership is more than an executive position, it is a collective activity and a shared responsibility. Effective leadership and effective leaders are authentic, values aligned, emotionally intelligent, culturally aware and connected. Empowering leaders to show up with integrity, to use empathy and connection to have hard conversations and to listen, learn and reflect is how we drive performance and increase satisfaction.

As someone who is curious about working with complex and wicked problems, my strengths include bringing a strategic and solutions focused approach to conflict and dysfunction. I enjoy working with individuals and whole organisations to manage and resolve conflict, improve communication and drive cultural change.

Working as a mediator, conciliator and coach, I assist people through conflict and build competencies in individuals, teams and whole systems to help them prevent and manage conflict themselves. My broad background in law, politics, university teaching, research and communications also equips me to support clients with political engagement and to navigate policy, media messaging, stakeholder management and legislation.

I am a graduate of the Tasmanian Leaders Program, an Alumni of the Australia India Youth Dialogue and a Professional Member of the Resolution Institute. I also hold sessional academic appointments at the University of Tasmania and James Cook University.


What are you really passionate about?

As an extreme extrovert I love working with people. I am passionate about helping turn conflict into an opportunity as well as solving complex and wicked problems. My approach is to bring kindness, justice, empathy and connection to people and processes in my work and in my life.

How has Impact Solutions International helped your development?

Working and training with Impact Solutions International (ISI) has embedded me in a team of highly skilled consultants who are transforming leadership – in individuals, in teams and across whole systems. One of the greatest gifts I have gained through ISI is a peer community with global experience who are committed to working collaboratively. We embrace hard conversations, support each other and work together to wrap the best team around each client and project.

What work do you most like to do?

The work I enjoy most is people-focused and yet I also love pulling together a compelling paper, engagement plan or negotiation strategy. Working across whole systems to generate creative solutions, develop strategy and deepen impact excites me as does reframing challenges into opportunities for increased connection, improved communication and transformation.